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Allied Squadrons Information
VSQDN-541 is pleased to announce that we currently have alliances with two other squadrons.  If you are a Senior Officer of another squadron that is interested in forming an alliance with the 541st, please contact me at:
If you are interested in joining any of these groups click on their patch to visit their home page, or fill out the form in the 541st's Recruiting Section.
Got your wing,
Admiral Britton "Goon" Van Dalen, C/O VSQDN-541
The 253rd Fighting Squadron:
"Fear the Reaper"
The 253rd Fighting Squadron is positioning itself to become the premier squad on the net for Janes' Israeli Air Force.  Under the command of Brigadier General Keith "Stinger" Waybright, the 253rd is committed to training and developing pilots who desire to be the best Israeli Air Force pilots in the skies.
For more information please contact Brigadier General Waybright at: 
The 357th Fighter Group:
"The Yoxford Boys"
If you are a Janes' World War II Fighters Pilot then you are going to want to take a look at the 357th Fighter Group.  Join up with
General Michael "Milk Man" Domark as he and his "Yoxford Boys" battle their way through the Ardennes to destroy the Third Reich.
For more information please contact General Domark at: